Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Purse Tabasco and Other Delights: BBM#3

Have you ever been at a restaurant and thought: "My food is insufficiently spicy, but I don't want to be a jackass and send it back? If only I had a tiny purse-size Tabasco to liven things up." Well, now I do! I received 6 tiny Tabascos and so much more in my Blogging by Mail box from Janis at Yarn!.

A close second favorite in Janis's box was the jar of homemade garlicky cranberry chutney which came in very handy Friday around lunchtime. Also included: Lemon stuffed olives for martinis (I always drink my martinis dirty with extra olives, so these will be a brilliant "twist" on the usual.) Since Janis hails from the San Fran area, I was the happy recipients of some Ghiradelli chocolate. A few very squashed fortune cookies (Note: Cookies didn't make it. Good thought though.) and some of those little green plastic things they put on sushi trays were also included. And--presumably to use when I serve my martinis--the coolest cocktail napkins ever (see pic at right). The lady pictured on the napkins looks eerily like my profile image, so I can tell Janis did her homework.

Thanks again, Janis. (And thanks to Cathy for hosting this BBM.)

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